Ross loves Donna and Emmerdale‘s Samuel Anderson warns he’s not giving up till he gets her!

It’s only a matter of time before Ross and Donna consummate their mutual attraction, isn’t it?

“Ross knows that Donna feels something for him even though she’s still swearing she doesn’t. Since the car crash a special bond has developed between them. And that kiss in hospital proved it for Ross. Donna was adamant it was a mistake which didn’t mean anything, but Ross instinctively knows it did.”

But will Donna do anything more about her feelings? Right now she’s back home with Marlon and Ross can’t even hope of stolen time together…

“Ross thinks it’s a big mistake. He tries to talk her into changing her mind and when that doesn’t work he persuades the boss to reject her resignation. He’s desperate to continue to work with her, to be with her.”

And desperately crushed when she’s furious with him and it looks like she really will never be his…

“He’s so dejected at Donna’s continued rebuffs that when Chas comes on to him, he’s grateful for some light relief. One thing leads to another and they end up spending the night together. And why not? He’s only human and it’s not like he’s cheating on anyone.”

Isn’t he just trying to make Donna jealous?

“Maybe. Ross is just messing around with Chas but his feelings for Donna are the real thing. He loves her. She’s ‘the one’ if you like. If he did get together with Donna, it would be for a proper, serious relationship – something permanent and lasting.”

But she’s already got one of those with her husband Marlon! Doesn’t Ross have any conscience trying to steal another man’s wife?

“Ross does feel bad about Marlon. Marlon’s been a mate and he feels guilty. But he’s in love with Donna…”