‘Ross would change his ways for Debbie,’ says Emmerdale’s Michael Parr

Emmerdale’s Ross-Debbie-Pete love triangle is hotting up faster than our summer and Emmerdale’s Michael Parr, who plays bad boy Ross Barton, says Ross would change for Debbie Dingle.

Charley Webb and Michael Parr as Debbie and Ross (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Ross and Debbie can’t take their eyes off each other (ITV/Amy Brammall)

“I think if she [Debbie] was to commit to Ross, you would see a big change in him,” Michael says.

“With Donna [Windsor – Verity Rushworth], he was willing to become a father to April, even though she had Marlon [Dingle – Mark Charnock]. He needs someone to commit as well, so you’d be surprised what you’d see if she did.”

Charley Webb, who plays Debbie, has admitted the outcome of the love triangle is hard to predict.

“This is a difficult question. Pete’s very safe, he’s got a safe future. Ross is the exciting one so it’s difficult to make that decision,” she explained.

Debbie shows off her engagement ring with Pete (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Debbie shows off her engagement ring with Pete (ITV/Amy Brammall)

“She loves Pete, so it makes sense for her to stay with him but she’s being drawn to Pete,” Charley added.

Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete, added: “Pete knows there’s definitely something going on but love is blind and he’s besotted by Debbie. So all these tell-tale signs he’s seeing, he is putting down to Ross.

“He’s blaming Ross for everything because in his eyes, he loves her and doesn’t want to admit that she’s the one being unfaithful.”

Ross and Debbie (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Ross and Debbie are living dangerously (ITV/Amy Brammall)

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, May 25, 7.00pm.

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