Roxanne: ‘I want a boyfriend, a BAFTA and a baby!’

Former soap star Roxanne Pallett sang her heart out while being lowered into a tank of creepy crawlies on ITV1’s Sing If You Can this Saturday. She tells What’s on TV what she’s been up to since leaving Emmerdale, and her future plans…

Did you need much persuading to take part in Sing If You Can?

“Oh no, you don’t have to ask me twice! I’m a girl from Carlisle whose family and friends watch this kind of show. When an opportunity like this comes my way, I grab it. When I was 14 I wrote to Stars In Their Eyes asking to be on it so when I was asked to do the celebrity version, I jumped at the chance. I even wrote to the Spice Girls once, asking if I could join the band!”

How was the whole experience?

“It was fantastic, despite trying to sing while I was knee-deep in maggots! I really enjoyed it because it was all so tongue-in-cheek. I sang All Time Low by The Wanted because I wanted to do something a bit different. Everyone was there to make fun of themselves, have a good time and it was all for a good cause. Stacey Solomon and Keith Lemon were hilarious.”

You left Emmerdale in 2008, do you miss it?

“I never say I miss anything because I think things end when they’re supposed to. I never miss ex-boyfriends either! I have a huge affection for the characters I’ve played and Jo Sugden will always be like a baby to me. I played for her three years so she’s like a friend. I don’t miss it as such, but I’m so grateful for the role.”

Would you ever go back?

“Jo didn’t get killed off and viewers are not quite sure where she’s gone, so she could come back at any time. I hear Andy is seeing someone else, but I’m sure drinks would be thrown in the Woolpack if Jo suddenly walked back in!”

Do you still see any of the cast?

“I keep in touch with Kelvin Fletcher, who played my husband Andy. We were quite traumatised by the whole domestic abuse storyline because we were such great friends. After every fight scene and they yelled, ‘Cut!’ he would always give me a little cuddle.”

You’re good friends with Adele Silva who’s back playing evil Kelly. Have you been watching?

“I raced home to see her first episode when she went back. It’s great to see her playing such a horrible character because she’s SO the opposite. She’s the sweetest girl ever! We’re always on Blackberry for a chat or ringing each other. She’s turned up to see every theatre show I’ve done since leaving Emmerdale. She’s always there with my mum on the opening night, no matter what. Away from the spotlight, we’re just pyjama party girls. We watch Catching up with the Kardashians together!”

You did a nude scene in the film Lake Placid 3 last year. Were you nervous about that?

“I didn’t really see the nudity as an issue. I think I’d find it more nerve-wracking if I had to smoke for a role! I’m not one of these actors who puts restrictions on myself. It’s not something you should be prudish about. Plenty of actresses like Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren have done it so it’s not a big deal. I’m sure if I got a part in a TV show like Shameless I’d have to do far worse!”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m 28 now and I always said I wanted to achieve the three Bs by my 30th birthday – a boyfriend, a BAFTA and a baby! But I haven’t got any of them! I don’t even care about the boyfriend or the baby at the moment – I just want a BAFTA! All my friends are settling down, but my work is my baby. I think you need to give 100 per cent to either your personal life or your work. I’ve been so busy doing theatre work lately, I don’t even have time for a pet!”

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