Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett reveals how Jo Sugden fights back against Andy – and then fights for her marriage!

After a few days of bliss with Andy, Jo is convinced the bad stuff is behind them. He says he’ll wait till she decides she wants a baby. They decorate the farm. They start making love again. Then without warning, nasty Mr Hyde is back and looking to beat the living daylights out of her again… and this time in front of little Sarah!

How does it start?

“They have a blazing over her unwillingness to start a family. Andy accuses her of not wanting kids or a future with him and suddenly the violence is back. He grabs Jo’s arm and Sarah sees it all.”

But this time Jo fights back, doesn’t she?

“Although we’ve seen Jo in quite a vulnerable place of late she’s never been a shrinking violet. Then when Andy was in Spain and she had time and space to breathe, she began to feel more confident. With Andy’s latest outburst, Jo reaches boiling point. It’s got to the stage where she has to stand up to him as she simply can’t take any more. She’s no longer scared of what he might do to her, she just wants him out.”

But Roxanne insists that it’s not because the marriage is over. In fact, it’s her way of putting it back together.

“She wants to save their marriage. She’s a fighter and she’s determined to get it back on track.”

But Andy doesn’t seem to know that and disappears. A lot was said in the heat of the moment – like her telling him she’d never have a baby with a wife-beating monster like him… Is she scared she might have said too much?

“Jo doesn’t know where he’s gone and can’t get hold of him – he’s not answering his phone. And after a few days of this, yes, Jo begins to feel seriously worried.”

Eventually, Daz finds Andy and he’s in a terrible state. He’s been drinking heavily and believes no one wants him…

“Jo’s very relieved when Andy is found. But he’s in a terrible state and it’s heartbreaking for her to see.”

She immediately takes him back and when his health deteriorates fast and Diane calls for a doctor Jo ends up blaming herself.

“In spite of everything that’s happened she still loves him. She wouldn’t be there for him if she didn’t love him.”

Does it cross Jo’s mind at all that Andy may be deliberately making himself ill to to get back into the family home?

“Not for a moment. He’s a broken man. He’s not putting anything on.”

We don’t like to be cynical, but the word ‘sucker’ springs to mind!