Roxanne’s real life abuse mirrors Emmerdale’s Jo

Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett is playing an abused wife on the ITV soap, an experience similar to one she’s lived through for real.

Roxanne, 25, plays Jo Sugden, recently married to Andy, but when he gets out of prison he attacks her in the belief she’s been having an affair.

The storyline has parallels with Roxanne’s own torment in an abusive relationship. “I personally have witnessed it in a relationship a long time ago, where jealousy and insecurity on one person’s part can elevate from how you see with Andy and Jo, an argument,” she said on This Morning on Tuesday. “It can be the slightest thing that ticks one person off and it elevates and erupts.”

In response to host Phillip Schofield’s question, Roxanne revealed her partner hit her and she had stayed in the relationship ‘too long’.

It was Roxanne’s mum who eventually got her out of the relationship.

“It takes one person to get that person to talk out,” said Roxanne. “That’s what we need and that’s what myself and Kelvin (who plays Andy) and the writers and the storyline have done. We need to bring this subject to the forefront where women are watching it.

“…There’s people all over the country that I’m sure tonight will be sitting there and they’ll be Andy and Jo at home and they’ll be watching it. Behind closed doors they’re suffering from that.”

Roxanne revealed that the storyline on Emmerdale will be played out throughout the year.