Sally explains why Lexi ‘snatches’ Nicola’s baby


Sally Oliver reveals Nicola’s baby daughter is in danger when Carl tells Lexi he never loved her.

How painful is it for Lexi to see Jimmy and Nicola with their new baby, Angelica?

“It’s hell because for months a baby is all Lexi’s wanted.”

Is it hard for her to see Carl playing the doting uncle?

“It’s like rubbing salt into the wound for Lexi. Watching Carl cradle the baby, it’s so easy to imagine the baby is theirs. Yet Carl’s told her it’ll never happen.”

What makes Lexi take the baby?

“She’s at the hospital visiting Nicola – she hasn’t even held the baby at this stage. Nicola goes for a shower and the nurses bring the baby back after some standard tests and hand her to Lexi. The moment the baby’s in her arms, Lexi falls totally in love.”

Why does she leave the maternity ward with the baby?

“She’s half looking for Nicola, but really she’s in a world of her own. When a passerby assumes Lexi’s the mother she doesn’t correct her.”

She doesn’t go back to the ward. Is she intending to steal the baby?

“In her head she’s just going for a walk with the baby, but everything‘s getting a bit much for her. When she sees some workmen coming down from the roof through a stairwell she takes the baby onto the roof. ‘Let’s go on a little adventure,’ she says to the baby.”

What state of mind is Lexi in?

“For the first time in months she feels calm and happy. She’s lost in this little baby – the baby she’s never going to have with her husband – and is just enjoying holding her and cuddling her.”

How do Nicola, Jimmy and Carl find her?

“Scarlett saw Lexi go onto the roof and when she sees Nicola and Jimmy panicking she realises they don’t know Lexi took the baby. They all race up to the roof in terror.”

Should they be worried?

“Nicola and Jimmy plead with Lexi to give their baby back and she’s about to when Carl starts telling her how bad she is and she’s making an idiot of herself. Suddenly Lexi realises that while she’s holding this baby she’s got the power to get what she wants from Carl.”

Which is a baby?

“She asks him to give her a straight answer why he won’t have a baby with her.”

What does Carl say?

“He tries to evade her pleas. Jimmy urges him to give her hope or put her straight and finally Carl admits he has never loved her.”

Does she give the baby back?

“Carl’s admission stuns her. She takes a wobbly step backwards and everyone’s terrified. She never intended to hurt the baby, but faced with the truth she’s plunged into despair…”

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