Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy reveals Sally is back! But it’s not Laurel she’s after this time…

How is Laurel settling back in the village?

“Everything feels pretty darned good. Her marriage to Ashley is back on track, the kids are happy and Laurel’s enjoying being back at work. Yes, it’s good.”

Until she gets locked in the church again…

“Laurel can’t help panicking because it takes her back to when Sally locked her in then the church caught fire and she nearly died. Fortunately Edna’s with her and remembers that Ashley put away a spare key for emergencies and she frees them.”

But who locked them in… Sally again?

“Not this time. It’s Carl’s kids Thomas and Anya. They apologise because they know they shouldn’t have done it. When the church flowers go missing, Laurel presumes they’ve been misbehaving again but when she questions them, they deny it.”

How does Laurel react when the crushed flowers are shoved through her letterbox?

“Laurel blames the King kids. And Carl thinks they’re responsible because he comes round to apologise. The children are behind some of the pranks… but not all of them.”

Like the more sinister things that start happening…

“Like the gas mysteriously being turned on in Laurel’s house and Sandy’s keys going missing… But Laurel’s not really worried. She and Ashley assume it’s Sandy because he’s a bit forgetful. It’s a similar thing when the fridge magnets get moved – Laurel just thinks it’s Gabby playing.”

It’s not only Laurel and Ashley that Sally’s menacing, is it?

“No. Sally chucks a brick at Diane’s car and Edna’s distraught when Tootsie goes missing, later turning up in a bag by the river.”

And yet Laurel doesn’t suspect Sally is behind it all. Why not?

“Laurel no longer fears Sally because she truly thinks she’s out of their lives.”

But she isn’t. She’s back for her final revenge and it’s Ashley who’s in danger. Have you any idea what she’s planning?

“Both Laurel and Ashley know just how unhinged Sally can be. She might do anything to hurt them. She is a dangerous and very sick person…”