Sammy: ‘Katie thinks Declan’s proposal is a joke’

Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward has revealed Katie Sugden thinks boyfriend Declan Macey’s latest proposal is a joke.

Katie is set to storm out on businessman Declan – played by Jason Merrells – after he sides with his sister Megan and her son Robbie when Katie falls out with Robbie (Jamie Shelton), simply because he needs Megan’s help with his latest money-making scheme.

But when Katie leaves, Declan pops the question… again.

Sammy said: “This is the third time he’s asked her to marry him. She thinks he’s just joking to get her back to the house at first. So she’s like ‘Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to go and have a bath now’, she’s very cool. She says, ‘Come and join me if you want.’

“She’s not leaving and he’s like, ‘No seriously I want to marry you’, and he gets out this beautiful diamond ring, which is ridiculously big, and of course she says yes!”

The 26-year-old actress revealed Katie is delighted to have that security after Robbie and Megan thought they had got rid of her, but insisted she does love Declan.

She said: “I think she definitely, genuinely does. I think if she didn’t, she would have walked away a long time ago, because they have been through a lot of struggles, and him closing down a lot, and being very cold to her at times when he was going through Mia dying.”

Katie’s row with Robbie is sparked when he makes a pass at her, and then attacks her when she tried to tell everyone about it. Despite showing Declan CCTV footage, he says Robbie can stay at Home Farm to keep Megan on side.

Despite the clash between Robbie and Katie, Sammy laughed: “We’ll probably have an affair next year – I’ve no idea what will happen. But they won’t make up any time soon.”

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