Emmerdale’s James Hooton reveals Sam may have finally found a woman to mend his broken heart…

So Sam isn’t hiding Olena just to help her… it’s because he’s falling for her?
“There’s an element of kindness there but he’s also attracted to her. She feels lucky to have found someone as nice and as helpful as Sam but she’s unaware of his feelings.”

Will Wylde is very lucky too when Olena saves his life… What happens?
“Will and Belle are in with Sam on keeping Olena secret and they’re all showing Olena around the Home Farm estate when Will has a fit and collapses. Olena gives him first aid and puts him in the recovery position while Belle runs to get help.”

Is Olena discovered?
“She manages to hide just as Belle gets back with Natasha and Nikhil. Belle tells them it was Sam who saved Will to protect Olena.”

It turns out Olena has a brother in London and Sam offers to take her to find him. Do they track him down?
“They find out her brother’s been deported and she’s very upset. Sam tells her she can go back home with him and hide at his house. In a way, he’s all she has now.”

How does Sam make sure his son Samson won’t give the game away?
“He tells Samson that Olena’s a secret – a bit like a Christmas present that no one must find out about. He has to lie to his son but he justifies doing it by telling himself he’s protecting Olena. As Zak always says: ‘It’s only a white lie if you’re protecting someone.'”

Sam won’t be able to hide her for ever. Does he realise that?
“Yes but he’s going to hide her for as long as he can. He doesn’t want her to go because he’s falling for her. He’s shy with women but he’s drawn to Olena’s vulnerability and the fact he’s able to help her.”

Could Sam properly fall in love with her?
“They have a lot in common – like Sam, Olena is very sensitive and has a young son of her own back home. Sam hasn’t been in love since Alice died but he has very strong feelings for Olena. He definitely hopes they have a future together…”

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