Laurel and Bob did the deed on the day of Emma Barton’s murder

Emmerdale dropped an almighty bombshell on viewers tonight, by revealing that widow Laurel Thomas had a one night stand with Bob Hope.

The pair’s liaison was revealed in a series of flashback scenes in Emmerdale, which also revealed that Moira Barton was Emma’s killer.

Laurel was seen returning to the village from Peterborough on the day of Emma’s death, having had a phone call from Gabby, who said that Emma had “gone crazy.”

But before the troubled mum had chance to speak to her stepdaughter, she bumped into Bob, who noticed she was upset and took her back to his place. There was soon a lot more than tea and sympathy on the agenda, because the pair shared a kiss, which inevitably led to more.

So far, the pair have managed to keep their afternoon of nookie a secret – but how long till Bob’s missus, Brenda, discovers the truth?

Emmerdale continues on Friday on ITV at 7pm.