‘She becomes the bitter Nicola we love’

Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler tells Soaplife how Jimmy’s returning memory makes Nicola push him further away

Jimmy’s finally getting his memory back and realises he made the biggest mistake of his life when he chose Kelly over Nicola. But now Nicola has memories she can’t forget. “Nicola pleaded with Jimmy not to make any rash decisions until he remembered more, but he went ahead and slept with Kelly then told Nicola he loved Kelly. That’s unforgivable,” Nicola explains, as Soaplife talks to her about her character’s rejection of Jimmy and her demands for a divorce.

Can’t Nicola see that Jimmy genuinely wants to be with her and Angelica?

“She can, but there’s so much water under the bridge she’s no longer interested. He may be Angelica’s dad but Nicola can’t forgive him.”

But Kelly manipulated Jimmy!

“Kelly did manipulate Jimmy, but she didn’t force him to sleep with her. Jimmy’s memory may be returning, but Nicola’s trust has gone.”

And so, drunk in the pub, she moves on to Marlon?! How does he react?

“He’s scared stiff! Nicola sees herself as his soulmate! It’s ironic – she initially got together with Jimmy after a session in the pub.”

Then Jimmy arrives and promises they can rebuild what they had. Does she really believe they can’t?

“Yes. He’s humiliated her all along. She loved Jimmy so much and was vulnerable and lost without him. She’s been hurt enough which is why she doesn’t want him back. Jimmy may have made the biggest mistake of his life, but he chose to sleep with Kelly. Relationship over! She doesn’t want to be with a man like that.”

Does she really want a divorce?

“She wants a divorce from the man he’s revealed himself to be.”

Would their marriage stand a chance if Kelly left?

“It’s gone too far. In Nicola’s mind, they’ll get divorced and Jimmy will have access to Angel, but then something else happens and Nicola tells Jimmy she wants nothing to do with him and he’s having nothing to do with his daughter. She becomes the bitter Nicola we all know and love.”

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