Perdy gets revenge on her mother-in–law-from-hell when she tells the police Rosemary’s a killer! Emmerdale actress Georgia Slowe explains why

Perdy turns traitor and dobs Rosemary in to the police. Why?
“There are quite a few reasons! Rosemary’s always been a control freak and constantly meddling in her marriage to Gray. But when she starts interfering in Perdy’s business she decides that enough is enough.”

What does Perdy do? “She tells Matthew that Rosemary’s first husband also died in suspicious circumstances in a mysterious shooting accident, leaving her with a small fortune.”

How does Matthew react? “He’s convinced it can’t just be coincidence that two rich husbands have died on her. He goes on and on at Perdy to go to the police.”

So she does? “Perdy’s resistant at first. Gray would never forgive her for implicating his mother but, like I say, when Rosemary starts meddling in the stables Perdy decides to go for it.”

What does she tell the police? “Perdy reveals that during Rosemary and Tom’s wedding celebrations she overheard them making arrangements to meet up in the bedroom later on. Shortly after this ‘meeting’ Tom was murdered.”

Do the police question Rosemary? “Yes and the King brothers are elated. Rosemary admits she was due to meet Tom just before he died, but is rattled when they question her about her first husband’s death.”

Does she know it’s Perdy who has betrayed her?
“She’s convinced Perdy has stabbed her in the back but Matthew steps in to say it was him after he’d hired a private detective.”

Does Perdy really think Rosemary killed Tom?
“I don’t think she knows. But she genuinely doesn’t want the wrong person to be charged with murder just because she didn’t say anything.”

Maybe Perdy also does it to take the heat off Matthew? “Not really. Yes they were lovers, yes they still have a connection between them, a chemistry but Perdy’s in love with Gray.”

Only she’s worried Gray’s not in love with her, right? “Things aren’t going well between them. She’s convinced Gray fancies a new gay man called Johnny and Gray accuses her of being paranoid whenever another gay man is around!”

Might he be driving her to start seeing Matthew again?
“That would be telling!”