Sian Reese-Williams: ‘I’m nothing like Gennie’

Emmerdale star Sian Reese-Williams talks to TV Times magazine about why her character Gennie’s pregnancy has gone to her head…

What’s it been like acting as a pregnant Gennie?

“I think wearing the bump has fooled my brain into thinking I’m pregnant! I constantly feel hormonal and even when I take the padding off, I feel bigger. It’s certainly not making me feel broody. I don’t think I like the idea of another human being growing inside me.”

Why hasn’t she told Nikhil about the pregnancy?

“They have a communication problem and can’t tell each other anything. He keeps going on about not wanting kids and it’s putting her off telling him.”

Many of your fellow cast members do charity runs. Will you be joining them?

“They keep asking me, but it’s not my thing!”

Are there many similarities between Gennie and yourself?

“We are totally different, which is why I love playing her. She’s a very girly girl and I’m not. I never wear dresses or paint my nails or do anything of those things. I am very low maintenance.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I am from Brecon and speak fluent Welsh. I only speak it to my family. It is always a talking point if they hear me speaking Welsh at work. They find it hilarious!”

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