Emmerdale star Sophie Powles tells Soaplife that Holly doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as she gets her drugs…

What started as a bit of fun on a Saturday night has turned into a serious drug problem for Holly. “She thinks she can handle it but the reality is she can’t at all,” Sophie says during a chat at her flat near Emmerdale’s Leeds studios. And as Holly’s drug-taking spirals out of control she doesn’t care who gets hurt…

Does Holly realise she has a serious drug problem?
“She’s completely in denial. She thinks she’s just having a good time and can’t see what the problem is. But now she needs drugs every day and doesn’t care what they are.”

She’s already stolen Scarlett’s purse… Will she steal again?
“Definitely. Holly justified taking the purse by telling herself Scarlett’s loaded, but the drug-taking has also taken away her sense of what’s right and wrong.”

How does she feel about deceiving her parents?
“It broke her heart to begin with, but not any more. In fact, she’s started pushing them away and now thinks they were being stupid and overreacting.”

So she doesn’t feel bad that Adam’s constant lying for her?
“She doesn’t feel bad about anything. She’s manipulating Adam so he’ll feel guilty about not trusting her even though she plainly can’t be trusted.”

Can you settle this debate: is it Holly or her dealer mate Roz who’s more into the drugs?
“Holly definitely. Roz deals drugs because she likes the lifestyle it brings her. She likes taking stuff when she goes out, but she can take it or leave it. Holly started out like Roz just doing stuff in order to go a bit mad on a Saturday night, but now she can’t stop.”

Why doesn’t Holly confide in her mum and dad?
“She’s told them too many lies. Besides… She doesn’t think she has a problem.”

Is there any part of Holly that wishes Adam had told their parents she was still on drugs?
“That’s the last thing she wants. She just wants to get on with – as she sees it – having loads of fun. She is worried about him telling them though. She’s putting so much pressure on him not to say anything. She tells him she’s stopped taking drugs, but it’s all lies.”

We’ve heard life will get very bad for Holly. Will it?
“Oh, yes. She’s going to find herself in a very bad place before it starts getting better – if it ever does…”