Survey finds Emmerdale is the ‘sexiest’ soap

Emmerdale was named the most sexually active soap in a magazine’s survey, beating racy teen drama Hollyoaks.

Inside Soap magazine scrutinised EastEnders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Home and Away, Neighbours and Emmerdale, the tale of rural Yorkshire folk, over a two-week period.

The magazine found that Emmerdale had an average of 1.8 sexually related incidents every half hour, with Hollyoaks in second place, with 1.6. Corrie and EastEnders both had an average of one each, Neighbours had 1.2 and Home And Away was the tamest soap with only 0.2.

The magazine found that the sexual activity in soaps was along the lines of a “bit of snogging” or someone doing up a blouse or pair of trousers on their way back downstairs, rather than anything too explicit.

Steven Murphy, editor of Inside Soap magazine, said: “The soaps are a dramatic place to live, as we all know, but while the level of incidents of sex, bad language and violence may seem to be high, we discovered what is actually seen or heard on screen is comparatively tame compared to many other TV dramas, let alone what goes on in real life.”

EastEnders came out top for violence, with an average of two violence-related incidents every half hour – double that of Coronation Street.

Walford was also found to use more strong language than the other soaps – an average of 4.5 incidents per half hour, the magazine found. Emmerdale came second, with an average of four incidents.

The survey was carried out between March 14 to 27.

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