Suzanne Shaw: ‘Cheating is a definite no-go’

Emmerdale‘s Suzanne Shaw has stressed she would never cheat on her husband – or give him a second chance if he strayed.

In the soap, her flirtatious alter-ego Eve Jenson recently had an affair with Carl King (Tom Lister), even though he was in a relationship with her pal Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

But in real life, infidelity is out of the question for Suzanne and her DJ husband Jason King, with whom she brings up her son Corey.

She told the Daily Mirror: “Cheating is a no-go. I’d never do it and Jay knows he’d be dumped if he did. I’ve never put up with it in the past, and if a guy did that to me, that would be it, there are no second chances. But I’m in a very trusting relationship.”

This Christmas, Emmerdale’s Chas plans to get her revenge on the love cheats by humiliating fiance Carl at the altar, although it remains to be seen whether she goes ahead with her plot.

Suzanne, meanwhile, has little sympathy for her own character.

“She deserves everything coming to her,” she said. “She’s the one who chased after Carl after Chas befriended her when she first arrived in the village. It was a really horrible thing to do to a mate.”