Suzanne Shaw: Great going back to my roots (VIDEO)

New Emmerdale star Suzanne Shaw has been speaking about her delight in being back at her first love – acting.

Suzanne’s best known for being part of reality TV pop band Hear’Say and for winning Dancing on Ice in 2009, but she says acting is where she started her career.

At the British Soap Awards in London on Saturday night, Suzanne talked to about joining Emmerdale as vamp Eve Birch: “It’s great. It’s actually where I started, before I auditioned for any pop band. It’s great to get back to my roots finally. It’s taken a bit of an adujustment, but I just take evey day as it comes.

“I’m so used to doing musicals that the live part I miss, the feel of live. But I can’t complain. I’m in a great job that I love.”