The Dale’s devious David seeks revenge on Pollard

We all believed Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe was such a nice boy – truth is he’s worse than his dad! Matthew Wolfenden tells all…

Emmerdale’s Eric Pollard has high hopes for Pollard and Son. But David’s plan is to ruin his new-found dad, isn’t it?

“In every way he can. Both financially and personally.”

But why? David seemed so thrilled when the paternity tests came back positive.

“Although David wanted to find his dad, always at the back of his mind has been the thought that Pollard stole £20,000 from his late mother. David wants justice for his mum. That’s his motivation and why he wants revenge.”

David’s already tried to make it look like Val has swindled Eric out of £2,000. How does Pollard react when David lies about Val making a pass at him?

“Pollard believes him and is disgusted with Val. As is Del, David’s girlfriend and Val’s friend. David is rubbing his hands together. His plan is to ruin Eric and Val’s relationship before gaining control of his dad’s business assets – and so far so good.”

Do you think that David is anything like Pollard?

“He’s his father’s son all right… very devious!”

And does Del realise just how devious when she finds the missing £2,000 amongst David’s things?

“Del and David sleep together. While he’s in the bathroom, she looks in his bag for something and finds the money. She immediately knows it’s Val’s. David tells her he hasn’t nicked it, he intends to bank it.”

Surely Del doesn’t buy it!

“Well, he jumps down Del’s throat which makes her think something dodgy is going on. They’ve just slept together for the first time and Del’s upset. She’s thinking David’s maybe not as nice as he seems.”

Does David manage to talk Del round?

“Yes. He knows how to manipulate people – Del especially, although he does really like her. He tells her he loves her…”

Does David really love her?

“I think he is genuinely falling for her and he tells her he’s doing what he’s doing for the two of them as well as in revenge on Pollard for his mum.”

So, will Del go along with it – or might she decide that she doesn’t like this other side of David?

“Del’s not the kind of person to snitch but she might develop a conscience… I guess it all depends on how well David treats her.”