The Emmerdale Six: Each of us could have done it!

Emmerdale stars reckon any of the six key suspects could have attacked Cain Dingle in the soap’s Judgment Day storyline.

As bad boy Cain – played by Jeff Hordley – gets his comeuppance in Thursday’s episode of the ITV1 soap, his father Zak, teenage mum Amy Wyatt, lovers Jai Sharma and Charity Tate and husband and wife John and Moira Barton are named as potential attackers.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, said: “Charity is like Lady Macbeth – she plants a seed of attempted murder in Jai’s mind and provokes him. She’s aware of her own capabilities. It’s got to a dangerous point.”

Chris Bisson (Jai) added: “Jai’s at the point where he’s thinking of doing something anyway and then after the conversation with Charity, thinks maybe there is only one way to take Cain out. People are under pressure and stress, and are doing things they wouldn’t necessarily do. ”

Natalie J Robb (Moira) said that Cain’s actions have pushed everyone to their limits.

“I think Cain can make people do things they never thought possible before. There is a lot of hate and anger,” she explained.

“John and Moira both have a very big reason to get rid of Cain at the moment. Moira is capable of anything and wishes Cain was dead.”

James Thornton, who plays John, added: “John is furious and he’s being irrational, so anything is possible. He’s had enough of everything and could easily do it.”