There are ‘so many twists’ in Emmerdale’s dark wedding, reveals Charley Webb

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife what Debbie fears most on her dramatic wedding day – and it’s not just Ross making an appearance…

Debbie gets Cain to take care of Ross, doesn’t she?
“Yes. She tells him about their affair and says she’s worried that he’s a loose cannon that could go off at any minute. She tells Cain [Jeff Hordley] to get rid of Ross – and she doesn’t care how he does it.”

With Ross out of the way, what else could go wrong?
“Finn knows about the affair and Debbie’s afraid he’ll say something. Debbie doesn’t know that there’s a recording floating around of her telling Ross [Michael Parr] she’s willing to give everything up for him. That might just play at the wedding – or it might not.”

Debbie’s break-up letter to Pete is also a threat, isn’t it?
“Finn [Joe Gill] had the letter and then Cain snatched it and said he would dispose of it. As far as Debbie’s concerned, it has gone. She has no idea that it might pop up on her wedding day!”

What else can you reveal about the big day?
“Debbie’s one aim for the day is to get through it without any distress. She can’t relax as she thinks Ross could pop up at any minute. Cain turns up and says it is sorted, but she doesn’t know exactly what he has done. However, she’s delighted that Pete [Anthony Quinlan] has arranged for there to be a fun fair in the village. And the village hall looks amazing. She knows that Pete is a good guy and has no regrets about marrying him. But it won’t be plain sailing. Far from it. There are so many twists and turns during the wedding day – viewers will be on the edge of their seats.”

Is Debbie totally over Ross?
“Of course not. There were massive feelings between them. It’s never going to be over just like that.”

What can you tell us about the disaster?
“It was really exciting. I had to have six wedding dresses because they all got very dusty. I felt like a chimney sweep!”

Will Debbie survive her wedding day?
“Her life’s in danger – who knows if she gets out of there?”

Emmerdale, ITV


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