Tim is armed and gunning for Lawrence, reveals Emmerdale’s John Bowe

Lawrence White goes to extraordinary lengths to protect 'daughter' Chrissie from the past. But it backfires spectacularly! Emmerdale’s John Bowe reveals all

Lawrence White had hoped the whole issue of Chrissie’s biological father had blown over. But it looks like the truth could come out when her blood uncle, Tim Richards, sends a letter.

“Lawrence is concerned,” John Bowe told Soaplife. “He doesn’t want to have to reveal the circumstances of Chrissie’s birth.”

But it looks like he has no choice…

What does Lawrence do with Tim’s letter?
“Lawrence intercepts it. The trouble with him is he’s always trying to do the wrong thing for the right reason. Lawrence is desperately trying to protect his family and his relationship with Chrissie [Louise Marwood]. When he gets hold of the letter, he hopes he’s stopped any infiltration or upset to the family.”

How well does Lawrence know Tim?
“He doesn’t know Tim [Mark Moraghan] particularly well. He knew his brother, Chrissie’s real father, but it’s immaterial really. What he doesn’t like is that Tim’s getting closer to unearthing things he wants to keep secret.”

Is that why he goes to see Tim?
“Yes. He wants to scare him off. He finds out where he is and he decides to do his usual trick of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. He goes to see Tim with a thug in tow and he warns him to stay away from his family.”

Does Chrissie know about any of this?
“No, but her suspicions are aroused when she notices money’s gone missing from the Home Farm account. Lawrence explains it away by saying he bought a house that Ronnie loved in St Ives. But that may not be the truth…”

Then Tim turns up at Home Farm with a shotgun!
“Yes and it’s pointed at Lawrence! He’s frightened – and so he should be with his heart condition. It’s a dangerous moment as Lawrence is prone to doing the wrong thing and making a situation worse.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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