Emmerdale’s Tom Lister reveals Carl’s a changed man since his kids came back into his life – and he’s going to be heartbroken when they go again!

Carl didn’t want to know when his ex Colleen dumped their kids on him…
So what’s changed?

“It’s been quite a journey for Carl. He couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a dad when they first turned up. He saw himself as a crap dad and acted like one. But when Thomas and Anya nearly died from toxic waste poisoning it made him realise how much they mean to him.”

So he likes being a full-time dad now?
“Yeah, I think he does. It’s not all plain sailing, but mostly him and his kids are getting on great.”

Then Colleen turns up again… What does she want?
“She wants the kids back. She dumped them on Carl in the first place to go to the aid of her partner in Saudi Arabia who’d had an accident. It seems he’s better now and has just landed this brilliant new job over there.”

How does Carl react?
“Very badly. Colleen wants to take the kids away, miles away, which means it’s not like he’ll be able to see them at weekends. He’ll only see them once or twice a year.”

Does he try to fight for custody?
“He makes legal enquiries and asks the kids who they want to be with. They say they want to stay with him but, in reality, they only say this because they don’t want to hurt his feelings. Chas suspects as much, has a word with them and they tell her the truth. They want to go with their mum. It’s not surprising. They’ve been with their mum practically all their lives.”

Will Carl be able to let them go?
“He’s gutted’ but the important thing is the kids are doing what they want. Carl realises that by trying to get custody he’s being selfish. He’s doing it more for himself than them. But he’s heartbroken to see them go.”

Does Chas support him?
“All Chas’s time and energy is taken up with Aaron right now. Carl feels a bit alienated… he misses his kids and feels very low.”

Maybe his new-found paternal feelings will make him want a baby with Chas…
“I don’t know about that. He knows he’s better at being a dad than he was, but
I don’t honestly think Carl and Chas together are great parent material.”