Town crier Edna turns Aaron’s unlikely saviour in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Shirley Stelfox tells Soaplife how, after shopping Aaron to the cops, Edna puts her moral compass away to guide Aaron to safety.

Edna’s not one to air her dirty washing in public – but she didn’t hesitate to hang Aaron out to dry when she spotted him trying hide in the village. Now, though, it seems Edna realises she was too quick to peg Aaron as a wrong’un. “Edna has enormous guilt about turning Aaron in and now she feels obliged to help,” explains Shirley

Does Edna know it wasn’t Aaron (Danny Miller) who torched the garage?
“Yes. She asks Paddy who really started the fire and he explains that it was Adam [Adam Thomas]. Edna knows that Adam wouldn’t have been trying to kill Cain [Jeff Hordley]. He was, as always, lashing out.”

So how does Edna come to hide Aaron?
“She sees him making a run for it in the street and offers him a place to hide. Aaron’s really confused, but Edna ushers him in. While he hides, the police come to the door and tell Edna they have reason to believe that Aaron was linked to Donna’s death.”

Yet Edna still hides Aaron?
“You’ll have to wait and see exactly what Edna does. Remember, she has a strong moral code and has always been the person who will go to the police if people do illegal things in the village. She has no compunction about turning people in, but she’s also fair and just.”

Can you see a friendship developing between Edna and Aaron?
“Not a big friendship. Aaron doesn’t need Edna as a friend as he has others, like Paddy [Dominic Brunt]. But Aaron will know, from now on, that should he need advice, Edna is there for him.”

What else is coming up for Edna?
“There’s a storyline that will start looking into Edna’s past. Something happened a long time ago that was life-changing for her and that is going to revisit her.  Sandy [Freddie Jones] will also get involved. This back story will help to explain a lot about her.”

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