Tracy rejects David’s proposal, says Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh. But how long will she resist?

Emmerdale’s David proposes to Tracy and she says 'yes' then ‘no’, but he won't take no for answer, says star Amy Walsh

Tracy Shankley says “Yes!” when David Metcalfe proposes, but soon after has second thoughts and says “No!” Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh explains everything to Soaplife…

Is Tracy in love with David?
“She really loves him, or she’s certainly falling in love with him. They’ve had some really good times together and she’s really helped him come to terms with his cancer.”

So why is she going to Ibiza?
“She overheard David talking to Priya Kotecha [Fiona Wade] about her, then his stepson Jacob [Joe-Warren Plant] said she wasn’t good enough for him. Basically, she’s got the wrong end of the stick and she thinks David’s gone off her. She’s really hurt, but she’s covering her feelings with anger.”

But something stops her leaving. What?
“David’s voice comes over the radio when she’s in one of Finn’s cab. She tells him to get lost, but he explains she’s got it all wrong and he loves her. It dawns on her she can’t throw it all away, so she returns to the village.”

And he proposes! How does she react?
“She’s caught completely off guard and says ‘Yes’, but she immediately regrets it. She’s worried he’s only doing it because he’s afraid he’ll die soon. Also, he’s only just got divorced from Alicia [Natalie Anderson]… and he has a child with Priya… and Tracy isn’t sure he is ready.”

How does David (Matthew Wolfenden) react to her change of heart?
“He tells her he’s booked a slot at the church and he’s going to propose to her every day.”

Will she say ‘Yes’ eventually?
“Ultimately she’ll realise it’s coming from the right place so she might not be able to resist. She knows David is a good catch.”

Do you think Tracy and David make a good couple?
“I do. I was a little bit unsure at first, as he’s been established in the village for a long time and his character is very sensible, unlike her. However, they really seem to work well together and we have had positive feedback from the viewers.”

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