Trudie Goodwin says she’s loving dressing up as glamorous Georgia Sharma in Emmerdale.

The 59-year-old actress – who has just joined the soap as Jai and Nikhil’s bossy mother – starred as Sergeant June Ackland in ITV cop drama The Bill for 24 years and confessed to Celebs On Sunday magazine she grew to hate her police uniform.

She said: “I look at policewomen in the street and it still makes me shudder slightly knowing how hot and uncomfortable they are. I can honestly say I never want to wear a police uniform ever again.”

She added: “My [Emmerdale] character Georgia wears some rather nice clothes. She’s got a bit of money, so she’s swishing around in Jaeger and all sorts of smart labels. She’s much more glamorous than I would ever be in real life.”

But Trudie admits she is finding life in the Dales quite chilly, so she has had to invest in extra layers to wrap up warm.

She revealed: “One thing I have bought myself since I’ve been up here is one of those big duvet-style winter coats. I’ve noticed it’s a lot chillier up north.”

The actress said she thought the countryside where Emmerdale is filmed is ‘beautiful’, but would never move their permanently.

Trudie said: “I couldn’t live here permanently. I could never leave London – I like to see people around me and I love all the hustle and bustle that comes with it. I don’t think I could cope with the quiet and all the wide open spaces of the country. I’m definitely a townie at heart.”