True love for Marlon?

Emmerdale‘s Mark Charnock says Marlon loves being in love… and this time it might be for keeps!

Marlon and Rhona have history… How serious did they get when she was last in the village?

“He really liked her and they had a great time together. There was real chemistry between them.”

So what went wrong?

“Nothing. It was just that Rhona, as a locum vet, had to go where the work took her. I can remember the scene where Rhona drove out of the village for the last time… Marlon wasn’t heartbroken but he didn’t want her to go.”

How does Marlon feel about her now she’s back?

“He thinks she’s wonderful and the chemistry is still there. Marlon may be making out to Paddy that he’s not that bothered but he is really.”

What does he like about her?

“Physically he fancies her but she’s also sparky and funny. They have the same sense of humour.”

How does he think Rhona feels about him?

“He thinks she likes him but he’s just not sure. He doesn’t want to make a fool of himself and he doesn’t want to blow it. He knows Rhona’s recently divorced but he doesn’t want to just be her rebound guy. He’s also wary for himself – you can’t really blame him with his history.”

Paddy tells him to stop dithering and make a move on her… Why doesn’t he?

“He knows that he’s not the best looking bloke in the world and doesn’t have much confidence. He’s so ready to be in love again, though. Marlon loves being in love – he’s addicted to it.”

He uses Daisy the Dalmatian as a ploy to get close to her… How does that work?

“He’s so into Rhona he’s willing to fork out for a vet’s bill so he can spend time with her. He makes out Daisy’s off her food but it’s all an excuse. And Rhona knows it…”

So does he ask her out?

“Only when Rhona’s said words to the effect of ‘Oh for God’s sake, get on with it and ask me out!’ So he very clumsily does.”

Could Rhona finally be the woman to make him happy?

“There’s certainly a lot of potential. They’re very good together. I think she’s right for him. I’d like to think they could be happy…”

But we enjoy Marlon’s tragic storylines!

“So do I. It’s great to get your teeth into some challenging drama but I like the light stuff too. I’m so lucky that I get to do both.”

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