Vanessa puts herself in danger to stop Rhona ‘marrying a monster’, says Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick

Vanessa has seen Pierce’s true colours and they’re dark and dangerous… And that’s why she’s determined to stop him marrying her friend Rhona, Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick tells Soaplife

Vanessa Woodfield refuses to stand by and watch her best friend, Rhona Kirk, marry master manipulator Pierce Harris in Emmerdale. And when she sees that he lied about deleting the sex tape, Vanessa becomes even more determined to expose him.

“She will do whatever it takes to protect Rhona and stop the wedding,” Michelle Hardwick told Soaplife. “She is putting herself in danger, but thinks she can look after herself.”

What is the state of Vanessa’s friendship with Rhona?
It is so rocky. One minute they’re talking, then they’re not. Their relationship is on thin ice because of Pierce. Rhona [Zoe Henry] still doesn’t believe Vanessa’s version of her fiancé and in trying to expose him she is pushing Rhona’s buttons and winding her up.”

How does Vanessa feel when she finds out that Rhona has asked Carly to be her maid of honour?
“She is gutted. She knows that Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] will have been behind it. She wants to be at her friend’s wedding, but she doesn’t want to see her marry this monster.”

What does Paddy have to say about it all?
Paddy [Dominic Brunt] thinks she should put her friendship with Rhona first and Vanessa thinks he’s right. She goes to apologise, but sees Pierce through the window, watching that sex tape. She cannot believe that he kept a copy and blatantly lied to Rhona about deleting it.”

Is Vanessa in danger?
“Definitely. Anybody who crosses Pierce is in grave danger. We have already seen him pick up a picture of her son Johnny and say ‘Don’t mess with me’. But Vanessa can put up a good fight. She is the only person in the village who is seeing his true colours…”

What would you do in Vanessa’s shoes?
I would do the same, although I am not sure I would be as forthright as she is. Good for her, though – Vanessa is not scared to tell the truth.”

Would you like Vanessa to have a new love interest?
“I am not fussed. It is refreshing that she hasn’t been out there snogging or sleeping with everything that moves just because she’s single. I don’t know who would be next for her – watch this space! I am up for a few cheeky snogs now.”

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