VIDEO: Emmerdale’s Charlie Hardwick says, ‘Having to end the Val-Eric love was terrible’

Val Pollard’s death scenes were among the best Emmerdale has ever screened. But what followed last night (Friday), with Val (Charlie Hardwick) and Eric (Chris Chittell) was just heartbreaking…

When Val lay dying she did exactly what Val would do: she had a cigarette and admired her own reflection in the shattered remnants of the funfair’s Mirror Maze. No seven years bad luck for Val. She was dead in a split second, as a shard of glass fell and pierced her brittle heart.

“That was a big episode,” says Charlie, in an interview after it aired. “I loved filming those scenes with Liz [Elizabeth Estensen, who plays Val’s sister, Diane]. My first scenes in Emmerdale were with Liz and we were together at the end to say goodbye to each other.”

But another big episode was to come… Val continued to do exactly what fans would expect of her: she reappeared as a ghost to say goodbye to Eric.

You could almost hear Eric’s heart shattering as Val sat next to him on the sofa, explaining that she really was dead and not faking it like they planned, so she could escape prison for her part in the bank fraud with Bob.

“Me and Chris couldn’t do our final scenes together because it was so emotional,” Charlie reveals. “Not because Charlie wasn’t going to see Chris any more but because Val wasn’t going to see Eric any more and I can’t tell you how distressing that was.

“Even though we know it’s a made-up story I think we both believe that those two people are together and love each other. So having to end that love was terrible.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the fans who have suspended their disbelief and believed in Val and watched her through all of her twists and turns. I have loved playing her.”

And, of course, we still have Val’s final send-off to come so we may not have seen the last of her yet. It would just be Val’s style to be there for her own funeral…

If you missed Val dying or haunting Eric, you can watch the scenes below.

Emmerdale continues on ITV, Monday, August 10, 7.00pm.