Viv dumps love cheat Bob!

Emmerdale Deena Payne reveals that when Viv finds out about Bob’s fling with Gennie, it’s marriage over!

How does Viv find out about Bob and Gennie?

“At Jamie and Gennie’s going away party. They’re planning a new life in Newquay but Jamie will be going alone after what happens.”

Jamie already knew about Gennie and Bob so what changes?

“Jamie sees them having a cuddle. It’s just a friendly goodbye cuddle but Jamie jumps to conclusions and demands to know what’s going on. And that’s the moment when Viv walks in.”

Does Jamie tell her?

“He keeps asking Bob and Gennie if it’s happening again and Viv wants to know what ‘it’ is. Jamie doesn’t say but Viv later forces Bob to tell her. He admits he and Gennie slept together when Viv was in prison then he tries to make out Viv’s over-reacting as usual.”

Viv has every right to over-react. Does she go berserk?

“She’s too upset at first. But Viv sees red when Bob tries to defend what he did. She starts chucking his stuff out of the window and tells him to get out.”

Does she mean get out for good?

“Not at this stage. They both calm down a bit and Bob tries to explain things from his point of view. There are signs Viv may be willing to forgive him but later she sees him talking to Gennie and Viv reckons the affair must be back on.”

What does she do next?

“After that the marriage is over for Viv. It’ll get nasty – we’re talking divorce and potential custody battles, I fear.”

Is Viv being nasty when she talks Jamie out of giving Gennie the benefit of the doubt and taking her with him?

“It is spiteful. She feels betrayed Jamie didn’t tell her about his dad and Gennie.”

Isn’t she worried if Gennie stays Bob will really get together with her?

“Logically, it would be better for Viv if Gennie did go. But Viv’s wanting to lash out. The way she sees it there’s no way she can contemplate staying married to Bob now Gennie’s free and available…”

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