Watch out Windsor: Carrie’s on the warpath!

Emmerdale’s Carrie Nicholls knows Kelly Windor’s dark secret – and Linda Lusardi warns she’s not promising to keep it!

Carrie discovers Kelly’s had an abortion. How?

“She finds a leaflet about abortion in Scarlett’s pocket and thinks it belongs to her daughter. Carrie’s devastated and questions Scarlett about it.

But it’s Kelly’s leaflet!

“I know, and when Scarlett finally tells Carrie that her mood changes to anger. She’s relieved it’s not Scarlett but appalled that Kelly took a 15-year-old along to the clinic. It’s absolutely not the kind of thing Carrie wants Scarlett to be dealing with.”

Carrie confronts Kelly about the abortion? How does she react?

“She’s a bit ashamed about involving Scarlett but she’s mostly concerned that Jimmy doesn’t find out.”

Kelly accuses Carrie of being jealous of her relationship with Scarlett. True?

“False. That’s not what it’s about. Carrie has never been able to figure out why a woman in her 20s would want to be best friends with a teenager. It doesn’t add up.”

Does Carrie think Kelly’s a bad influence?

“Yes! She thinks that Kelly’s bound to lead Scarlett astray. That’s why she’s determined to keep them apart.”

Is Carrie sympathetic when Kelly loses her modelling job?

“No. Carrie has absolutely no sympathy for Kelly – especially after Kelly hits her.”

Hits her?! How does that happen?

“Carrie and Kelly are arguing and Kelly lashes out, slapping Carrie’s face. Carrie reports Kelly to the police for assault.”

Isn’t that a bit OTT?

“Carrie does it to cause trouble She’s not hurt. She’s just trying to teach Kelly a lesson.”

Why doesn’t Carrie accept Kelly’s apology?

“She knows Kelly’s apologising to keep her sweet in the hope that she won’t tell Jimmy about the abortion. Carrie’s not taken in.”

Carrie threatens to tell Jimmy all unless she stays away from Scarlett. Would she really?

“She would if Kelly crossed her again. Scarlett’s welfare is Carrie’s priority but Carrie’s also very fond of Jimmy. She thinks Kelly is totally heartless to have done such a thing to a man she claims to be in love with.”

Does Carrie see Kelly as a rival?

“Not exactly. She neither likes nor trusts Kelly. She’s determined to make a success of her own and Scarlett’s life. If Kelly gets in the way of that, she’ll have Carrie to deal with.”

So Carrie has no hidden agenda where the Kings are concerned?

“No. She’s straightforward and no nonsense. It’s her aim to become successful and secure within the King organisation but I don’t think there’s any ulterior motive…”

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