Wedding helicopter crashes into village hall and changes Emmerdale forever

It’s a jaw-dropping, life-changing week for Emmerdale as Pete Barton and Debbie Dingle’s wedding turns into carnage when a helicopter plunges into the reception at the village hall.


Debbie, of course, has been conducting a torrid affair with Pete’s brother Ross, a relationship which Pete discovers at the reception when he reads a Dear John letter Debbie wrote when she was about to leave him. As he reels from the discovery, there’s a bigger shock to come…



Before that, Pete proudly tells his bride that he’s booked a surprise helicopter to whisk them away on their honeymoon. Elsewhere, however, Chrissie is rowing with husband Robert and she douses his car in petrol and sets it alight. But the fire quickly spread to Adam Barton’s car, then on to some gas canisters. When they explode, the descending helicopter is caught in the flames!



The stunt is unsurpassed in Emmerdale’s 37 years on air.


Some villagers will die in the disaster, but who?


Watch Emmerdale on ITV this week. The helicopter disaster screens in a special hour-long episode on Tuesday night.