It’s Mark that Faye wants and she’s come to get him, warns new Emmerdale star Kim Thomson!

Just what hold does Faye have over Mark Wylde?
“A massive one although I’m not going into details, I’m not allowed to. There is a very far-reaching and profound connection between them which will come out eventually.”

She clearly has strong feelings for him!
“She has complicated, mixed emotions towards him, especially as she sees him lead what seems to be a very happy family life.”

Is she planning to wreck that happy life?
“Faye thought she had a perfect life with Mark. She loved him, then their life together was horribly interrupted. She’s looking for answers and there will be developments in how that impacts on the life Mark’s living now.”

Mark offers to buy her a flat near Emmerdale. Does she accept?
“She does, but it’s not about her trying to get money out of Mark. She’s prepared to take the flat because it means she still has a connection with him and he’ll be in her life.”

Will it be enough to stop her pestering Mark as he obviously hopes?
“It won’t keep her quiet because it’s not a flat she’s come for. Faye’s come to pursue Mark.”

She sounds dangerous!
“I don’t think she’s a dangerous woman in the sense that she’s violent or psychopathic, but it’s a dangerous situation she’s involved in.”

In other words, anything might happen!
“There’s certainly the potential for it to go in many directions. It depends on how people react once the secrets start being revealed.”

Her son, Ryan, is going to pitch up soon.
“He is and I think by showing Faye as a mum the viewers will see a very different side to her personality. So far we’ve only seen her personal life in respect to Mark. Ryan will add a whole new dimension to the story and Faye will seem a more rounded character.”

We reckon Mark is Ryan’s dad… yes?
“Now you know I can’t tell you that! It will all come out in due course.”

Are you looking forward to working with ex Hollyoaks star James Sutton, who plays Ryan?
“I’m very much looking forward to meeting my screen son. I’ve heard a lot about James and believe he’s a tremendously good actor.”

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