Who is Katie’s stalker? Sammy Winward reveals all

Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward talks to Soaplife about Katie’s tangled love life…and about who might be making those creepy, late-night calls

Katie certainly knows how to turn a man’s head… Even gay Grayson Sinclair couldn’t resist her. But her love life is never without complications and, right now, it’s very complicated. She’s got besotted Detective Nick Henshall almost handcuffing himself to her – and she’s got Andy watching them, desperate to make Katie his girl again. Plus it seems she or Gennie – or both of them – has a stalker as they’re being plagued by anonymous phone calls late at night. “There’s the potential for this stalker to get very dangerous,” Sammy says. “That’s why she likes Nick around. He makes her feel safe and protected.”

But isn’t Henshall a bit too pushy? He left her a Christmas present after she said she didn’t want it…

“The earrings, you mean? She feels kind of awkward about it. She’s attracted to Henshall, but there’s all this testosterone flying back and forth between him and Andy. She just wants to put things – or rather men – on ice for a while.”

So Katie definitely doesn’t want Andy?

“Andy was her first love, but she doesn’t want to be with him now.”

We’ve heard that Andy confronts Katie in The Woolpack…

“He’s becoming obsessive about her and thinks she’s seeing Henshall. She can’t take it any more and just wants him to leave her alone.”

And the next night Katie and Gennie are burgled…

“It really leaves them shaken. Gennie persuades Katie to call Henshall. He arrives within minutes but actually freaks them out even more by telling them they’re obviously being stalked.”

That’s not very comforting! Does he have any suspects?

“Not at this stage. Gennie thinks it might be Andy. Katie tells her not to be so silly, but it has crossed Katie’s mind that it might be Andy, too…”

Or it could be Henshall…

“I don’t think that possibility has entered Katie’s head. She’s impressed with the cool way he’s handling the investigation. She realises she might have been a bit hasty in dismissing him.”

So, do they date?

“Yes. Katie decides she has to stop worrying about Andy’s reaction to Henshall. He’s successful, good-looking, makes her feel secure and she likes him.”