There’s a big shock for the King brothers at Tom’s funeral in Emmerdale, reveals Linda Lusardi…

You play the mystery mourner who turns up at Tom King’s funeral. Who is she?
“She’s Carrie, the nurse who cared for Tom’s wife Mary before she died many years ago. Carrie and Tom had an affair resulting in the birth of Scarlett who’s now 15.”

What brings her to Emmerdale?
“Carrie heard Tom was dead so she’s come to make sure Scarlet gets what she’s entitled to as Tom’s daughter. Carrie’s quite tough – she’s brought up a child on her own – even though she was funded by Tom until he died.”

How do the King boys react when they see Carrie and learn they have a sister?
“Carrie’s arrival unsettles and surprises them but it’s nothing like the shock they get when she turns up at the solicitors for the reading of the will. It transpires that 10 per cent of the company and 25 per cent of Home Farm is to go to a Scarlett Nicholls who Carrie confirms is her daughter – and their sister!”

Bet that goes down well!
Carl King disowns Carrie as he can’t believe she was sleeping with Tom while their mum was dying. Matthew wants to invalidate Scarlett’s claim while Jimmy seems more intrigued than anything.”

Once Mary was dead, why didn’t Tom tell his sons about Carrie and Scarlett?
“The affair didn’t last long. Carrie admits the only contact with Tom she had for years was in the form of a monthly cheque for Scarlett. Tom wanted to keep Scarlett a secret because he knew his sons would reject him if they knew about the affair.”

Now Scarlett’s existence is no longer a secret, surely sparks are going to fly between Carrie and the Kings?
“Absolutely. I’ve filmed scenes in which I slap Jimmy around the face and have a head-to-head argument with Matthew. The brothers aren’t at all happy that Scarlett’s going to take a quarter of their estate and a tenth of their business, but Carrie will do anything to protect what is rightfully her daughter’s.

Tell us a bit about Scarlett.
“Scarlett’s a fairly fiery individual herself – as you’ll see when she arrives in a few weeks’ time. I’m sure there’ll also be some friction between mother and daughter. It should make good viewing.”

Will Carrie and Scarlett stay in Emmerdale?
“For the time being, yes. certainly until Scarlett’s inheritance comes through.”

If it comes through!
“You’ll have to wait and see about that. We all will. Even I don’t know yet!”

Maybe Carrie will team up against the King boys with Rosemary, Tom’s widow…
“Funny you should say that. Rosemary decides to take Carrie under her wing when she hears Matthew has made an offer to buy Scarlett’s share of the King empire. Carrie has to decide whether she can trust Rosemary or not.”

How are you enjoying Emmerdale, Linda?
“It’s brilliant. I was thrilled to get the part – I didn’t think I stood a cat in hell’s chance.”