Will Cain be a dad to Kyle after Joanie’s accident in Emmerdale?

Cain saved his son, Kyle, from the wreckage of the Emmerdale village hall last month, after a helicopter crashed through the roof during Debbie and Pete’s wedding day. But reluctant hero, Cain, still doesn’t want anything to do with the little boy, who was the result of a one-night stand with Kerry’s then 16-year old daughter, Amy.

Little does Cain know, his dad, Zak, has been plotting with Cain’s wife, Moira, to find a way to unite father and son!

Ouch! Kyle is being looked after full-time by his adoptive grandmother, Joanie. But things take a turn for the worse for Joanie when her car breaks down while out for a drive with Kyle. But when Joanie walks to get help, disaster strikes and she falls and injures her leg…


While Kyle remains asleep in the car, Joanie is unable to walk on her injured leg. And without a mobile phone signal, she has no way of calling for help. What will Joanie do?


Luckily, Kyle’s granddad Zak is out for a drive and sees Joanie’s car abandoned by the roadside. When Zak goes to investigate, he’s startled to see Joanie has lost her footing and fallen from the wall!


Joanie’s accident is a wake-up call that she can’t cope with Kyle alone. But will Zak and Moira manage to convince Cain to take an interest in his little boy? He’s already made it clear he’s not interested in being a dad to Kyle.


Moira enjoys spending time with Kyle and has made it clear she wants to welcome him into their family, even though Cain’s unsure. But will Cain have a change of heart when he sees Moira looking after Kyle in the village?


In the village, Kyle spots Cain, the man who saved him when he was trapped and frightened in the village hall. If only Kyle knew his dad, Cain, is one of the most infamous villagers there has ever been!


Cain is out with teenage family relative Noah when he sees Moira and Kyle together. Cain risked life and limb to rescue Kyle doing the village disaster. Has the hard man got a place in his heart for Kyle?


Disaster threatens to strike again when Kyle steps out into the path of an approaching car! Cain leaps into action to try and save Kyle. But will he get to him first?


Will Cain’s quick wits be enough to prevent a shock family tragedy?


Meanwhile, Joanie is on crutches after her unfortunate accident and is shocked as she watches Kyle step into the path of danger…


Watch the drama on Emmerdale, from Monday, September 28 on ITV.


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