Will Carl stop his own wedding

Carl finally admits to himself that he’s not in love, but will he be man enough to admit it to Lexi? Emmerdale actor Tom Lister reveals all.

What’s going through Carl’s head before the wedding?

“Ever since Lexi proposed to him Carl’s been panicking. He should have had the guts to just call it off. Instead he’s tried to pretend none of it’s happening. He’s been waking up in a cold sweat at night, thinking ‘Why am I marrying Lexi when it’s not her I love?’”

Who does he love?

“The truth is he still loves Chas. When he was with her, life made sense for him and he was happy. He knew who he was. The truth is he wants that time back.”

So what’s he going to do?

“He meets Chas at the village cricket pavilion and tells her if she just says she loves him he’ll call the wedding off. Chas is the love of his life and he believes Chas still loves him too.”

What does Chas think of Carl’s declaration?

“She knows if she goes off with Carl her son Aaron won’t want to know her. And then there’s Paddy. Chas doesn’t want to hurt him either.

And Carl doesn’t want to hurt Lexi for that matter.”

Would Carl jilt Lexi at the altar?

“I think he’s very capable of it…Then again Lexi knows he killed his dad and that might make him go through with the marriage after all… He deserves to be punished for that and might make him accept his fate lies in a loveless marriage – or not.”

So is he going to do the honourable thing?

“The honourable thing would have been to have stopped Lexi as soon as she mentioned marriage, regardless of the consequences. But Carl lost sight of any kind of honour a long time ago. He’s always been unable to face up to his responsibilities. Now he’ll do whatever he feels he has to – regardless of anyone else.”

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