Emmerdale’s Charley Webb tells Soaplife Debbie may be resisting married lover Cameron… but she’s not sure for how long.

How did Debbie feel when Cameron turned up at her door?
“Very shocked. She’s had no contact with him since she returned from Jersey late last year. They had quite a serious relationship… They met while working together and there was a real attraction between them.”

What’s Cameron like?
“Cameron’s charismatic and confident – a bit like her dad Cain but not so dodgy. When they first got together Debbie didn’t know Cameron was married with kids. Their relationship carried on once she knew, but Debbie isn’t a home-wrecker and she decided to end it.”

How does she feel now he’s left his wife and kids for her?
“She wanted to forget him and get on with her life. She doesn’t want a broken marriage on her conscience.”

Who knew about Cameron?
“Not a soul. She’s quite private and likes to deal with things in her way.”

Emmerdale boss Steve November said 2011 will be a dramatic year for Debbie… Is Cameron the start of the drama?
“Yes. He’s not just going away now he’s left his family and moved hundreds of miles to be with her.”

Is it romance on then?
“It’s going to be difficult for Debbie because she’s being pulled in two directions. Deep down she cares deeply for Cameron but she’s telling herself they can’t be together because he has a wife and family.”

Will he win her round?
“It’s more a case of her winning herself round, persuading herself she doesn’t have to feel guilty.”

Has Debbie’s mum and dad, Charity and Cain, had a bad influence on her relationships?
“She’s sick of her parents behaving like kids. She’s sad but not shocked they’ve split up again. She found her parents quite late in life and wanted them to be happy and together.”

How is it working with Dominic Power who plays Cameron?
“I’m really enjoying it. Since returning from maternity leave I haven’t had any big Debbie storylines. I wanted to ease myself back in gently. I think I’d have gone crazy if I’d gone from being with my baby Buster all the time to working 12-hour days.”