Emmerdale’s Jason Merrells tells Soaplife that Declan knows Natasha is lying and he’s going to become her worst enemy!

How serious are Declan’s feelings for Natasha?

“He’s well on his way to being in love with her. They connect on every level and he believes they could really make a go of it… if circumstances were different.”

As in if he didn’t believe her son is a killer and she’s covering for him?

“As he sees it, Natasha is so eaten up with protecting Nathan their relationship can’t flourish. Of course, what Declan doesn’t know is that Natasha’s actually eaten up with trying to protect herself.”

Declan has promised Maisie he’ll help her free Ryan. What does he do when she says she’s leaving the village?

“He urges her to stay but she can’t bear that Natasha is standing by Nathan when Maisie is sure he’s the killer. She’s adamant she needs to get as far away as possible.”

Is he suspicious of Natasha’s reaction to this latest development?

“Absolutely. She’s still coming down on Nathan’s side and still making out that Ryan must be the murderer. Declan’s convinced she’s covering up for Nathan.”

Does he confront Nathan?

“Actually Nathan tries to have a go at Declan but Declan shows him who’s boss and floors him.”

What makes Declan finally tell Natasha they’re finished?

“He insists that Natasha comes clean and tells him what’s going on. You see her almost break down and admit the truth but then the barrier goes up
again. She denies everything. Declan can’t stand it any more and he tells her that their relationship is over.”

Will Declan stay on at Home Farm?

“Absolutely. Natasha’s always been the driving force in the business but the tables have turned. Natasha’s shocked at how cold he suddenly becomes. Instead of her lover now he’s her enemy. And he’s determined to get exactly what he wants.”

And what does he want?

“Complete control of Home Farm. He wants the Wyldes out and the first thing he does is sack Nathan. Deep down I think he still cares for Natasha but he turns the love into hate…”

Has it ever crossed Declan’s mind that it might not be Natasha covering up for Nathan but the other way around?

“It must have but he’s in denial. It would totally throw him if he found out he’d been sleeping with a murderer all this time…”