Will Donna be able to forgive Marlon?

It’s the moment of truth for Marlon in Emmerdale – and Mark Charnock dares to hope his marriage might survive!

Eli’s been playing on Marlon’s guilt. Why is he letting him?

“He feels guilty about being thought of as a hero when actually he was nothing of the sort. But he doesn’t really feel guilty about Eli. Eli shot him remember?”

And yet Eli’s getting away with blackmailing him…

“Eli’s jealous that Marlon’s ended up with everything – the house, Donna, praise. In a way he wants the life Marlon has.”

Does Marlon understand this?

“He understands but he doesn’t agree with Eli. To Marlon’s mind Eli shooting him evened things out and he’s fed up with Eli blackmailing him. There’s no brotherly love between them at the moment.”

How worried is Marlon that Eli will tell Donna the truth?

“He’s constantly worried. With Donna being a policewoman, Eli knows that if he tells the truth Marlon will lose everything – including his wife.”

But Eli would be in trouble too…

“Yeah, but Eli makes out he’d cope with this. He’s been in jail before, he’ll go to jail again. Prison is a part of Eli’s life.”

Donna reckons she’s getting close to finding out who shot him. How close?

“There are all sorts of clues that could be discovered. Marlon’s under intense pressure.”

And someone else does find out the truth… right?

“Yes. Marlon discovers Eli’s told Debbie everything.”

Is that why Marlon finally throws Eli out?

“He throws him out when he discovers he’s stashing stolen good at the house.”

And does Eli just go?

“No. He says he’ll only leave if Marlon helps him with another job – he wants to rob the Woolpack! He says he needs to do it so he will have somewhere to go and says Marlon owes him.”

Please don’t say Marlon agrees!

“He’s incredulous that Eli would even suggest it… but he is desperate to get Eli away from him and Donna.”

If Donna discovers Eli was the shooter would Marlon confess?

“I suspect there’ll come a point when he’ll have to confess. He wanted to tell her before but she didn’t seem to want to listen and then it was too late.”

If he did tell her would he expect her to drop the case?

“I don’t know if he would expect her to do something like that. But of course he’d want her to.”

Is there a chance she would keep his secret?

“Again he’d hope she would. The best scenario would be Donna accepting his explanation that he did what he did because he was so desperate to make things right for them.”

But there’s a good chance it would mean marriage over – right?

“I honestly don’t know. It’s exciting and interesting because it’s not cut and dried. It could go either way… and it will very soon now!”

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