Emmerdale Amanda Donohoe says Natasha won’t confess to save Faye’s son… But she might to save her own!

It’s the moment Natasha’s been waiting for – Ryan’s trial. Is she sure she can go through with letting an innocent man go down for the murder she committed?
“Natasha’s in denial. She’s shut down and feels numb. This is the decision she’s made and she has to carry it through to the end.”

Maisie’s going to testify on Ryan’s behalf. Does that worry Natasha?
“She wishes Maisie had stayed away. But when Maisie moves in with Faye it actually strengthens Natasha’s resolve. She’s always blamed Faye for everything and it’s the trigger she needs to continue the lie.”

She’s not in control when she attacks Faye… Is the strain getting to her?
“She’s desperate to see Maisie, but has to go through Faye to do so, which she detests. They trade insults and Faye slaps Natasha. She hits back as Faye vows that Natasha and Nathan will never be free of their guilt.”

Do Faye’s words make Natasha think twice about framing Ryan?
“Natasha’s frozen her feelings. Now she’s come so far she can’t allow anything to get in the way.”

Is she anxious Nathan might not be able to pull it off when he goes in the witness box to testify against Ryan?
“Natasha knows how evil Nathan is. He doesn’t have any trouble lying on oath and makes a very good impression in court.”

He vanishes afterwards. The viewers will know he’s been kidnapped, but what does Natasha think has happened to him?
“She just thinks he’s done one of his bunks. She’s very annoyed and keeps trying to call him. But she’s not suspicious.”

The kidnapper is hellbent on Nathan confessing he killed Mark – and prepared to use real violence… Would Natasha confess if she knew this?
“Her motives for not confessing are, and always have been, to protect her family so if that came into question maybe she would.”

It’s no secret that you’re leaving Emmerdale soon. How would you like
to see Natasha leave?

“There are so many murderers in Emmerdale who’ve got away with it. But
I think it’s about seeing justice done.”