Will Faye destroy Mark’s life?

Now Faye knows where Mark is she can ruin his life, warns Emmerdale star Maxwell Caulfield…

Mark’s gone into panic mode since spotting the mysterious Faye. What hold does she have over him?

“Obviously quite a strong one. She’s got something on him. They have a history.”

A personal history?

“She is someone from his past that he hoped he’d left there. She threatens to blow everything apart for him. She has the potential to ruin his life.”

You make it sound like Faye is or was Mark’s mistress…

“Let’s just say she could bring about his worst nightmare which is the devastation of his family and his marriage.”

How did Faye find out where he lives?

“She saw the photos of the Wyldes’ party in a glossy mag. What a mistake for Mark those pictures turned out to be! He just wants her out of his life.”

Instead it looks like she plans to stay…

“Faye’s in The Woolpack and overhears Natasha talking about a marketing job at Home Farm. She applies and gets the job!”

Natasha obviously doesn’t know who Faye is then?

“She hasn’t got a clue Mark and Faye have a history together.”

What does Mark do when he finds out about the job?

“He’s horrified. He steals Faye’s CV, finds out where she lives and goes to see her. But when he gets there a neighbour tells him she’s gone away.”

So what’s going on? Does she start work at Home Farm?

“When Mark gets home he’s relieved to hear Faye turned down the job to go abroad and he hopes that’s the last they’ll see of her.”

Bet it isn’t though…

“He’s fearful Faye has some grander plan – and with good reason. She will be back.”

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