Will Jo run away with Sarah?

Emmerdale‘s Jo Sugden may be one plucky girl but she’s only human. And this Christmas she finally realises she’s had enough of the miserable existence that’s her life.

The crunch comes when she discovers Andy is sabotaging the farm while making out he’s helping her, explains actress Roxanne Pallett.

There have been several mysterious problems at the farm but she doesn’t suss what Andy’s up to…

“She doesn’t want Andy’s ‘help’, but often she doesn’t have a choice. And when there’s a fault with her water supply there’s no one else around to fix it.”

But Lee catches out Andy loosening screws on her washing machine. What happens then?

“Jo gets back to see Lee and Andy fighting. When she finds out Andy’s been sabotaging the farm she orders him to leave. She feels broken by his selfish games. She’s not scared of him any more, she’s just had enough. She feels trapped in someone else’s life and she wants out.”

“She now realises as long as she’s living at that farm with Andy’s child she’ll never shake him off.”

Not wanting to abandon little Sarah has been the sticking point up till now… Will Jo steal her away?

“Jo’s in torment. She keeps debating whether or not to take Sarah. Sarah’s like a daughter to her, but both her real parents are still in the village.”

So Jo begs Lee to help with her getaway plan…

“She trusts Lee. They sell off the farm stock to fund her escape. Jo doesn’t feel guilty. Andy can sort himself out.”

Just when Jo’s ready to leave, Lee’s grandad Mick turns up unexpectedly and starts asking awkward questions. Jo locks him in the barn and he’s still pleading with her not to take Sarah as she drives off…

“Jo doesn’t know where she’s going, just that she’s got to get away.”

Back in Emmerdale Andy and Diane get a text from Jo saying she’s gone. They free Mick and search frantically for Sarah… eventually finding her safe with the Dingles. Jo hasn’t stolen her from her mum and dad after all… Will Jo ever be back?

“Never say never! I’ve had the best time on Emmerdale.”

So what’s next?

“I’m doing Dancing On Ice in January. I’ve been working out for about four hours a day to get fit. It’s really hard, but I get through it by listening to the Sugababes.”

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