Will Kelly keep mum about her pregnancy?

Forget what she promised, being pregnant is the last thing Emmerdale’s Kelly Windsor really really wants! Actress Adele Silva tells us everything…

Why has Kelly changed her mind about having a baby?

“Before her modelling career took off, I’d have said she would have been delighted to be pregnant. But now it would be a nightmare. She wouldn’t be happy about it. The timing would be awful.”

So, would she now pick her career over a baby?

“Landing the job as the Team Fortissimo girl is a once in a lifetime thing. Getting pregnant would ruin it all.”

Do you think she would tell her boyfriend Jimmy if she did get pregnant?

“I can’t imagine she’d breathe a word to Jimmy, unless she decided to abandon her career and have the baby. She knows that Jimmy wants kids more than anything. There’s no way she could tell him about the baby and then have a termination. He’d never undertand, he’d never forgive her and the relationship would be over.”

Would she secretly abort the baby instead (as she did when pregnant with Scott’s baby)?

“She’d be incredibly torn about what to do. Being pregnant would be the trickiest, most problematic situation Kelly has ever found herself in.”

How would Jimmy’s previous marriage to Sadie make things even more complicated?

“When Sadie was married to Jimmy, she made out she wanted a baby as much as he did to keep him sweet. But really she was still on the pill. When Kelly handed Jimmy her contraceptives it was a symbolic gesture which said ‘I’m not Sadie. I’ll never break your heart.’ Knowing what Sadie did to Jimmy would make having an abortion all the more difficult. If Kelly does get pregnant and have an abortion, she’ll be even worse than Sadie. That wouldn’t just break Jimmy’s heart – it would break him.”

Would Kelly be prepared to lose Jimmy over this?

“The last thing Kelly wants is to lose him. She really wants to be with Jimmy.”

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