Will the Sugdens’ secret prove deadly?

When Andy Sugden’s secret comes out in Emmerdale another tragic fire leaves dad Jack fighting for his life! Actor Clive Hornby tells us more…

Jack’s certainly been through some nightmares… could this be the worst?

“One of them. When he finds out about Diane and Billy he goes ballistic. Billy comes round to the cottage because he suspects there’s a confrontation going on. And Jack thumps him.”

So, is it Billy who starts the fire?

“No. The fire’s an accident. But Victoria does douse the cottage in petrol.”

What! Why?

“When Victoria accuses Billy of ruining her family, Billy questions if Victoria would love Jack so much if she knew the truth about the way her mother Sarah died in the barn fire seven years earlier.”

When Sarah’s former lover Richie Carter leads Victoria to believe that Jack was to blame for the fire, she chucks petrol around the house and confronts Jack…

“Victoria accuses Jack of killing Sarah. Jack’s in shock! The barn fire is a secret he’s guarded for seven years to protect Andy. He absolutely doesn’t want to say that Andy killed Sarah…”

So Andy confesses that it was he who started the fatal blaze. How does Victoria respond?

“Victoria is stunned. Then the accident happens – the boiler pilot light ignites the petrol fumes, creating a massive fireball. For Jack it’s a nightmare déjà vu, bringing back awful memories of the night Sarah died.”

What does this mean for the Sugdens?

“The fire is catastrophic for the Sugdens but equally catastrophic is that Andy’s secret is out. As Jack battles for life his fear is Victoria might now tell the police… And even if Jack lives he may not be able to save Andy a second time…”

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