WOOF! Meet the new fitty at Butlers Farm

Emmerdale‘s Kurtis Stacey reveals to Soaplife that his character, new farmboy Alex, is more than up for a roll in the hay!

It’s going to be anything but quiet in the country when new hunk Alex Moss goes to work on Butlers Farm. “He gets into a bit of trouble because he’s single and out to enjoy himself,” says Kurtis.

What’s Alex like?

“He’s a regular lad with a ‘work hard/play hard’ attitude.”

Where are his family?

“He comes from a troubled background so family is a touchy subject with him… and as a result he shuts people out.”

How has Alex ended up working with farmer John in Emmerdale?

“Andy knew his dad and knows Alex is a hard worker so he recommends him. When he gets the job as a farmhand, he moves into the caravan.”

We know that Alex wastes no time flirting with Hannah…

“He knows Hannah fancies him and he likes the attention.”

But will John like Alex messing with his daughter?

“Alex thinks John’s really laid-back and that they’re mates, so he thinks there won’t be a problem with him taking an interest in Hannah. He may be wrong though!”

Most characters in soap are hiding a secret. What’s Alex’s?

“If he has one, it’s likely to have something to do with his family…”

We’ve heard Emmerdale is your first major TV role… Were you nervous on your first day?

“I was terrified that if I messed up they might replace me!”