Zoe Henry: ‘I hope fans sympathise with Rhona’

Emmerdale‘s Zoe Henry is confident fans will sympathise with her character over her Down’s Syndrome storyline.

In the show, her alter ego Rhona Goskirk is in love with Paddy Kirk, but pregnant with Marlon Dingle’s baby, who been diagnosed with the condition.

Rhona, who played an unlikeable home-wrecker in Coronation Street, told the Mirror: “In Coronation Street people were never going to like Casey – in the first three months she burnt the Peacocks’ house down, stole their child and slept with Ashley.

“But with Emmerdale I feel confident that because all three characters are decent, nice people nobody is going to come out of it as a baddie.”

Zoe was a care worker before becoming an actress, and said her own experiences have helped her understand her character’s positive attitude.

“Over the years I worked with adults and children with Down’s Syndrome. It was great fun and I’m sure it will help with the filming.

“I’m not fazed by disability and I had so much fun. The children were mischievous, loving and enjoyed life.

“And that’s the way Emmerdale want to go with the story.”