Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry: Rhona wakes up to find Leo missing and her front door open!

Emmerdale’s Rhona Harris is terrified and she’s being terrorised, reveals star Zoe Henry. Will this break her?

Recovering addict Rhona’s nightmare continues as it becomes clear that someone is stalking her – and she’s sure it’s her rapist husband Pierce. There’s a message on the bathroom mirror and planted packs of pills in her kitchen.

“It totally messes with her head,” Zoe Henry told Soaplife. “She believes Pierce has been in the house and that she is in danger.”

How is Rhona feeling at the moment?
“She is getting sick of hearing people talking about how nice Pierce [Johnathan Wrather] is and how sorry they all are that the marriage is over. She can’t take it any more!”

What does she do?
Charity [Emma Atkins] starts poking around, trying to get information on Pierce and it makes Rhona paranoid. She goes to the pub and when she hears somebody say how suited he and Rhona were, she snaps and tells everybody that he raped her.”

Bet that gets a reaction!
“Everybody is shocked, but Rhona walks out of the pub before anyone can properly react. She thinks everyone will be talking about her, but she bumps into Lisa [Jane Cox] who reassures her and says that people want the best for her.”

What happens next?
“Stressed-out Rhona goes home to run a bath. When she gets out, there is a message on the mirror that says ‘Pierce loves Rhona’. It pulls the rug from under her. She is horrified and can’t handle it.”

Will this break her?
“She is fragile, volatile and doesn’t know what to do any more. She is constantly terrified.”

What does Paddy think?
“He sees red when Rhona explains that she found flowers in the house along with the necklace that Paddy gave her on her wedding day. Then Paddy [Dominic Brunt] disappears and she doesn’t know where he has gone and that scares her.”

Is the nightmare over?
“Far from it. Rhona oversleeps and wakes up to find Leo is missing and the front door open. There are also empty blister packs of pills on the table. She picks one up and then sees Leo outside. Marlon [Mark Charnock] and Paddy see Rhona holding the pills and she knows what they are thinking.”

What is coming next?
“They are all in danger. Nobody has any idea what to expect from Pierce. He could do anything.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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