Love cheat! Robert tries to kiss Rebecca in Emmerdale

With Aaron in prison and their relationship at breaking point, Robert turns to ex-lover Rebecca and tries to kiss her.

Robert is missing his partner Aaron like mad. So when he learns there’s been an ‘incident’ in prison meaning he’s not able to visit him, he’s crushed. When Liv hears about it, she panics. Knowing her brother has started smoking drugs in prison, she’s worried he’s been caught and is in trouble. Eventually, she tells Robert. But when Robert finally gets to see Aaron, he’s gutted when his partner lies to him about taking drugs. A row starts and Aaron lashes out, telling Robert he’s no use to him.

Back in the village, in a dark dark place, Robert hits the bottle then contacts his ex-lover Rebecca. She’s out on a date with Ross but soon turns up at Robert’s. As soon as she arrives he makes his motive clear, as he pounces on her for a kiss! Will she respond? Has Robert given up on his one-true love Aaron?