Emmerdale spoilers! How will Charity Dingle react when girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield calls the police?

Charity and Vanessa's relationship could be on rocky ground when Vanessa decides to involve the police over Charity shock revelations...

There were tearful scenes in Emmerdale last night (Tues), when the normally unbreakable Charity Dingle broke down with emotion as she told girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield she was raped by nasty DI Mark Bails of Hotten Police when she was 14-years old.

Emmerdale viewers already knew Charity and DI Bails shared a dark past but didn’t realise the full, terrible truth until now.

But how will Charity bring her attacker to justice all these years later? And does she even want to?

Vanessa thinks Charity deserves justice for the historic sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of DI Bails and in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale she calls the police and they soon come calling to investigate.

However, Charity is not a lady who likes other people sticking their nose in her business and she always fights her own battles. So will Vanessa’s actions jeopardise the couple’s future together?

How will Charity react when she discovers Vanessa has called the police? (Picture: ITV)

See what happens in Emmerdale tonight at 7:00pm on ITV.


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