Romance! Zak and Lisa get back on track

Zak goes all out to make things right with Lisa. Though their date in the Woolpack turns sour, an incident at home gets the couple back on track.

Zak’s all excited when he gets a letter naming him Kyle’s legal guardian. But is Lisa thrilled at the prospect when he suggests they raise the little lad together? Knowing he’s got a long way to go before Lisa forgives him for walking out on their marriage for Joanie, Zak takes steps to woo his long-time love.

Telling Lisa to her to get her gladrags on, he treats her to dinner at the Woolpack. But the date is a disaster, not least because Zak’s one-time fling, Faith, is working behind the bar! As the dejected couple return home, a situation forces them to see the funny side of life…

Will the Dingle couple finally get back on track?